What Is Website Optimisation Exactly?

Search Engine Optimisation

Website optimisation is commonly used to refer to optimising the website for search engine visibility.

This involves on-page and off-page optimisation plus producing content and building backlinks.

Several plugins can be used for SEO, most popular of them being Yoast SEO. We don’t use Yoast though or recommend it for the reasons listed below.

Speed Optimisation

Website optimisation can be also used to describe the various tasks taken to optimise your website for speed.

Do you know how many of your visitors you lose, if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load? 25% of your visitors will abandon your website.

And as Google is rolling out their mobile-first indexing of websites in 2018, your better make sure your website loads fast on desktop and mobile devices alike.

So Why Is Your Website Slow?

Site Drag

Site drag refers to all the different factors that cause your website to load slowly.

For instance the Yoast SEO plugin mentioned above has a load time of 240 milliseconds. That means it will slow down every page on your website. Causing site drag.

Another important factor is your hosting company. If your website is hosted on a server with 1000s of other websites too, it’s bound to be slow.

Not resizing and optimising your images is one of the most common reasons for slow loading websites. Also using the PNG-format instead of JPEG for photographs increases the page size.

And not just the Yoast SEO plugin but also the other plugins you use affect the loading time of your website.

So What Can Be Done To Speed Up The Website?

First of all, choose a good host. Check or ask them about their TTFB (To The First Byte). That’s something you rarely can change yourself.

Always resize your images to fit the column their in. Don’t use oversized images. And secondly always optimise your images. We use and recommend ShortPixel.

A lot can be said about Facebook like buttons and Google services (fonts and maps) too. The main thing is: they slow down your website.

And use the best plugins for optimisation and test and test again.

But most importantly remember this: website optimisation is NOT about great scores in online speed tests. It’s about minimising your page weight and load time in order to offer a better user experience for your visitors.

Our Website Accelerator Service

We can optimise your website by resizing and optimising your images, replacing bloated theme and plugins with free, fast-loading alternatives and reviewing and either removing or optimising your scripts and third-party services.

We are NOT after perfect online speed test results, so if that’s something your looking for, please look somewhere else.

We will minimise your page weight and the loading time of your website. Thus offering a better user experience for your visitors. And as a by-product the online test scores will usually get better.

We can’t help everybody. There are websites that are simply beyond salvaging. Be it the crappy host, bloated theme and excessive amount of poor plugins, or ads or other services (e.g. Facebook/Google) connecting to third-party services.

If we can’t help you, we will tell it to you straight. We won’t resort to CDNs, caching plugins/services or other gimmicks to fake results. But we will give you valuable and helpful advice that you can act upon if you so desire.

Our process

Every website is unique and the process must be adapted to each unique situation. But we always start by analysing the following:

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Media library and images
  • Scripts and possible third-party services

There is no magic plugin or service that can be used on all websites to achieve speed improvements. No plugin, CDN or caching will give you a long-lasting solution, they’re just band-aid, if the underlying problems aren’t solved. We go after the root problems first and we’ll also offer solutions that will help you ditch those costly plugins and services you pay monthly or yearly.

After the initial analysis, we make the following suggestions/changes (not all may be required for your website):

  • Recommend a better hosting and help you migrate your website
  • Install a free, lightweight theme
  • Uninstall bloated plugins that slow down your website and install free, lightweight subtitutes
  • Resize and optimise your images
  • Remove unnecessary scripts and third-party services
  • Finally we test everything to make sure all is working properly

Your Investment

The total investment for a website optimisation is €500. We’ll require a initial deposit of €200 and the rest €300 upon project completion.

If we find your website unfixable, we’ll refund €100 of your deposit.

Why we keep €100 even if we can’t fix your website? For the €100 you get valuable information about website optimisation and we’ll also give you some actionable advice. And we have bills to pay and mouths to feed also like everybody else. If you think that’s unacceptable, please look help somewhere else. But remember, nobody who knows their trade works for free.

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